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The MediaCup is part of the RAUM project 
Artifacts and applications associated with the MediaCup are: 


The Smart Doorplate is a LCD display that replaces a ordinary doorplate at the front of a room or cubicle. If the SmartDoorplate detects a meeting (some MediaCups in a room and some are used) it displays "MEETING" to warn others not to enter the room and disturb the meeting. Otherwise, the name of the room occupants are shown.
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SmartDoorplate showing "Meeting"

HotClock is a watch and a program, that warns you with a "beep" sound, when the liquid in the MediaCup is too hot to drink. It also allows to check temperature and movement status of the MediaCup. The HotClock either communicates directly with the MediaCup or can use the
network infrastructure to access information about the cups status. In either case, communication is done wireless via infrared.
HotClock showing Temperature and movement status

The CoffeePump is an enhancement of a coffee machine, that communicates with the RAUM-System. If all cups are running out of coffee, new coffee is brewed.

CoffeePump Computer & Coffee Machine