• shows how to computerize everyday objects 
  • takes important practical restrictions into accout e.g. very low power consumption, wireless recharging 
  • MediaCup "knows" about its own state e.g. knows if someone drinks, plays with the Cup
  • the MediaCup network shows how to equip environments with very-low-cost zero-administration networks 
  • with the MediaCup network we explore how to construct ad-hoc networks in environments with a multitude of devices 
  • MediaCups work together with other computerized objects (e.g. doorplates, watches) to carry out usefull tasks
  • the MediaCup network can also serve as a backbone for IrDA communicating devices like PDAs or Laptops 
  • how to build your own MediaCup and interactive environment see technical information 
  • see some pictures: MediaCup, CAN-Node, Watch...